Dear Parents/Carers

It has been a happy and successful return to the school for the children. Thank you for your many words of support and appreciation. It means a lot to us. Now I need to ask you a favour or two!

Firstly, please stick to the drop off and pick up times:

  Arrive: one way system Pick up
Early Years, Year 1 and 2 8.30-8.40 2.50 via the big gates
Year 3 and 4 8.40-8.50 2.50 via the Y3 and 4 gates to the side of school
Year 5 and 6 8.45-8.55 3.05 come in via the big gates, leave by any exit
  • Year 5 and 6 children, your day does not begin until 8.55 so please do not arrive before 8.45. Many Year 5 and 6 children arrived very early today
  • Parents in Early Years and Years 1 and 2, please do not arrive before 8.30. There was a long queue along the path this morning and the gates will not open before 8.30.
  • Parents of children in Years 3 and 4 should arrive between 8.40 and 8.50 am.
  • Please avoid the side path unless you absolutely have to use it. Walking around the ‘long way’ is annoying but we all need to keep apart. We also need to consider our near neighbours and be mindful of congestion on the side path and the path from Kelvin to Sainsbury’s.
  • At home time, the gates will not open until 2.45. Children will not be dismissed until 2.50 and we would never let anyone go without seeing an adult so please avoid arriving at school early. Similarly, if you arrive to collect Year 5 or 6s, they are not dismissed until 3.05.
  • Finally, several children were late this morning. We have PE lessons in the hall form 9 am and it makes it very difficult to get children to class safely as they must remain in their bubbles.

I wish we could be more relaxed about this but we must do what we can to keep safe. Thank you for your co-operation.

Should I send my child to school?

Please refer to the symptoms in my previous messages and on the NHS website. Please note that brothers and sisters should also be kept off school until you have a negative test result for the child with symptoms.

Thank you so much for helping keep yourselves and our wder school family safe.

Mr. Gaskill

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Thank you for visiting our website. If this is your first contact with our school I hope it is the start of a great partnership because our mission is to work with children and their families so that everyone can ‘Learn, Enjoy, Achieve’ at Marus Bridge.

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