Trust Expansion

Dear Parents/Carers

I have some exciting news for you all. In 2016, we joined The Rowan Learning Trust. We did this because we wanted to be part of a wider school family, sharing resources, and getting the best advice and support so that your children ‘learn, enjoy and achieve’ to the highest standard. Doing so has allowed us to enjoy better money management, access to expertise in all aspects of education including children with SEND and improved IT infrastructure. RLT now has three high schools, a Pupil Referral Unit and now, I am pleased to say, a second primary school is about to join us.

How does this benefit you and your children? By having two primary schools, we double up our expertise, increase our knowledge base and provide opportunities for training that will directly impact the children in both schools. We will make economies of scale in terms of purchasing power and make sure that money is spent wisely on making education even better. Our new partners will be Farington Primary School in Leyland, a twenty-minute trip up the M6.

We have just begun working with the team at Farington and we are hopeful that they will be in our Trust before the end of Spring Term. I will be the Executive Headteacher over both schools. This means I am spending two days per week at Farington. Mr Aldridge will be Head of School and Mrs. Atkinson moves from Assistant to Deputy Headteacher. All the positions are interim ones until Farington formally join us. Whilst I may be around a little less, Mr Aldridge and Mrs Atkinson have your trust and backing, and I know they will do an excellent job. However, I am not going anywhere! I am still here for you and even on the days when I am up in Leyland, I am in contact with my leadership team.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Let me assure you that this is good news for our school, and you will see us continue to grow and improve.

My kindest regards

Mr Gaskill

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