Ofsted Report

On September 18th and 19th 2012, OFSTED visited our school to inspect the standards of achievement, teaching, behaviour and leadership.

Following on from this inspection, we are pleased to publish the official OFSTED inspection report, in accordance with section 14(1) of the Education Act 2005.

It makes for great reading! Headlines include outstanding achievement and leadership. Follow the link below to read the full report.

Read the full report here: 405033 Marus Bridge V13 Published Report October 2012

Previous Ofsted reports can be found their website by clicking here.

Here are just some of the report’s findings:

Marus Bridge Primary School is vibrant, caring and highly valued by parents and the community.

Pupils make a good start to their education in the highly creative Early Years Foundation Stage.

Pupils’ behaviour and safety in lessons and around school is good. They have positive attitudes to learning.

The quality of teaching is good and improving with some outstanding practice evident. Teachers and support staff have high expectations and are extremely well focused on promoting successful learning.

Leaders, managers and governors provide outstanding leadership and management. This has resulted in significant and rapid improvements to the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement since the last inspection.

children made outstanding progress in their learning of phonics (the sounds which letters make) due to highly skilled teaching and learning about the body.

Overall achievement is outstanding because of the high proportion of pupils making and exceeding the expected progress compared to national averages in reading, writing and mathematics by the time pupils leave the school.

The very positive climate for learning actively promotes success

Pupils eligible for the pupil premium, disabled pupils and those with special educational needs achieve exceptionally well due to the extremely well targeted programmes and wide range of skilled and successful interventions which meet their needs.

The quality of teaching over time is good and is improving rapidly.

The overwhelming majority of parents agree that their child is well taught

The teaching of reading and mathematics is very effective in ensuring that pupils read and calculate confidently and make outstanding progress by the end of Year 6.

Pupils are polite and courteous and get on well together. They have very positive attitudes to school and are keen and enthusiastic learners. They have a clear understanding of right and wrong and respond well to the high expectations staff have of them.

The pupils’ positive attitudes to school are summed up in a typical pupil view, ‘Our school is friendly, healthy, welcoming to new pupils and learning is fun.’

The school is exceptionally well led by the headteacher, ably assisted by the deputy headteacher. His vision, drive and relentless focus on improving achievement has galvanised the whole school community together with the senior leadership team and governors.

Achievement has improved significantly since the last inspection and is now outstanding

The school works exceptionally well with parents, regularly seeks their views and keeps them informed about the work of the school and how they can help their child further through regular meetings, newsletters and the excellent school website.

The governance of the school:

– has greatly improved the rigour by which it supports and challenges the school to bring about improvement

– works closely with senior leaders and staff to check on the quality of the school’s work and the achievement of pupils so that plans can be drawn up to address areas for development

– are well informed and benefit from links to individual teachers, subjects and classes. The headteacher and deputy headteacher meet regularly with the School Improvement Committee

– is fully involved in reviewing staff performance

– has ensured that the pupil-premium funding has been accurately targeted so that pupils achieve their full potential.