Message from Mr Gaskill

Dear Parents/ Carers

How are you all doing out there? Thanks so much for supporting your children’s learning at home. Teaching is a tough job, isn’t it? It is so important though. We want to come out of this awful situation as soon as we can, and you can help make sure our pupils don’t fall behind. Attendance at live lessons has been terrific. THANK YOU!

They say, ‘it’s good to talk,’ and we certainly need to communicate well right now. You will have seen the parents’ evening message. We have allowed 7 minutes per call. We will have a focused conversation about your children’s learning:

Where are they up? What is going well?  What do they need to work on? And finally, how can you support your children in that learning?

We are here for you and will try to help in any way we can. We just have to be mindful of limiting numbers in school for obvious reasons-thanks for understanding and seeking childcare first.

Once again, we are fighting rough seas and even though we are not all together, we can make use of the phone, Teams and Seesaw to support each other across the waves.

Stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS.

Take care.

Mr Gaskill

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