26th June Update


Dear Parents/Carers

Thank you again for your support and cooperation this week.

I want to thank parents and staff for their measured and efficient response to our first instance of a child showing symptoms. The child was tested and within 24 hours the result came back negative-great news for the child, their family and everyone else.

We have been in school now every day since 20th March, with the exception of two bank holidays, and we have had no positive cases of corona virus thus far. Long may that continue. It is inevitable, however, that children and staff will catch colds, coughs and run temperatures. Therefore, we have communicated with Public Health England and revisited the government guidance and we intend to update our risk assessment.

Please read the attached guidance from the government. You will see that they advise the following actions if someone presents with symptoms:

  • Contact the parent immediately, care for the child in isolation until they are collected and ask the parent to have their child tested.
  • They advise sending others in the bubble home only if and when the test comes back positive. Test results are now known within 24 hours. Staff and children will have coughs and colds throughout the coming months and we need to have a strategy that is safe and sensible.

Over 130 children have returned to school successfully, joining over thirty key workers’ children. Our staggered start times and social distancing measures seem to have worked well. Don’t forget: please arrive on time not too early and do use the one way system! Thanks.

Thank you again. Have a lovely weekend.

Mr. Gaskill

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