20th May Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these ever changing times, can I say we are desperate to return to some kind of normal here and to see your chidlren again.

We know the impact of being closed.

Let us all hope that the R rate declines and the situation improves soon. I will be writing to you later this week with further details regarding our phased re-opening from 8th June.

Can i ask you to think about the work of school staff and remind you that today is Thank A Teacher Day (please see last week’s Parentmail for details). I want to extend that to make it Thank Our Marus Bridge Team Day because the work of Office, Pastoral, Site and Midday Staff and Teaching Assistants has been invaluable. Your recent comments following our questionnaire were very much appreciated; your support means everything. I am passing on the highlights to my colleagues today.

When this is over, I will never forget how they have all stepped up and served their community during the current situation.

Take care,

Mr. Gaskill

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