07th May Update

Dear Parents/Carers/ children and colleagues

Thank you so much for your very generous donations to help us feed hungry families. I will aim to do a drop off next Wednesday-let’s see if we can fill a Nissan Qashqai!

School opening

We are open for the remainder of the month for key workers’ children (and others by arrangement with our Pastoral Manager, Karen Bish). We will however, be closed on Monday 25thMay for the Bank Holiday. We await Sunday’s message to find out what the government has in store for us next. Rest assured, whatever we do at Marus Bridge will be based on the best advice and with the safety and wellbeing of our community in mind.

Car park

If your children are attending school at the moment we would like your help to keep the children safe. When you drop off or pick up, please can I ask you to walk to the small gate, observing social distancing of course, and meet your children there. This will avoid children crossing the car park unaccompanied when vehicles are moving. Thank you.

VE Day

I hope you enjoy the weekend as we remember the heroic efforts of our ancestors. It is such a difficult time at the moment. Like you, I am missing the chance to spend time with friends and extended family. Happier days have got to be ahead of us and in the meantime all we can do is keep supporting one another through this crisis.

In times past, the lighthouse was a symbol of hope, guiding those on stormy seas back to a safe harbour.

Right now, we are all lighthouse keepers; keep the signal burning!

Mr. Gaskill

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