06th May Update

Hello boys and girls 

I hope you are all well and being good for the grownups at home! I really miss you all. I feel proud and lucky to be able to come to school right now. It has been lovely to see some of the children and I do look forward to seeing every one you  again soon. As the Queen said, ‘We will meet again.’ 

Thank you for trying so hard with your home learning. I know it is hard without your teacher! It is really important for you to do some work every day, to read every day and also to stay active and get some exercise every day. You will keep your mind and body healthy and be ready for school when we open again. 

You will soon be able to see your friends again. 

Please say thank you to everyone at home for their donations for the food bank at the Brick. The first tins and packets were dropped off in school this morning. You are very kind. 

See you soon! 

Mr. Gaskill

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