05th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are all well and we wish to thank you for your patience today. We find ourselves in a tough situation again but we will unite and fight it together.
We are now in a national lock down. We are aiming to make school as safe as possible. Do bear in mind, that relatives are allowed to provide childcare this time around, as part of a support bubble. If you are a key worker and you are still really stuck, we are here to help.
We have been working hard today to ensure that your child will have a quality learning experience tomorrow and beyond. The following information will help you.

Key workers’ children If you have applied for a key worker place I can confirm we can accommodate your children from tomorrow. We cannot contact you all individually but if you completed the online form this morning your child’s place is secure. We have been in contact with other families today regarding placements as well. If Mrs Bish has left a voicemail for you please reply as soon as you can.
We understand that you may not want a place every day. For continuity of learning we have made sure that what happens on Microsoft Teams will closely mirror what is going on in school. 

In school, the rules around Covid will continue. Please adhere to the pick up and drop off arrangements. The staggered start and finish times we have used all year will remain in place. Please see the following information about arrangements for school meals from Mrs. Sanderson.
School Meals – A full school meal service will be available in school. If your child is eligible for UIFSM or a free school meal they will be provided with a free meal. if you wish your child to purchase a meal please ensure you have sufficient funds on your Parent mail account. 

Working remotely, Live lessons will be provided twice daily for all children.

Please see the timetable below. We have looked at the list of siblings and tried to avoid clashes for brothers and sisters. We appreciate this may not be possible in all cases. 

As you can see, all children will have two live lessons. In addition, they will have between two and three hours’ work to do outside the live lesson.

EY/Y1   Y2/3/4        (Y5 and 6       
2 x 20 minutes live sessions Plus  2 1/2 home work 8.45-9.05 and 11-11.20  2 x 30 minute sessions Plus 2 1/2 hrs home work 9.10-9.40 and 11.35—12.059.45—10.30 and 12.10—12.55 Plus max 2 1/2 hrs home work

Please note, children at home are expected to attend all live lessons and complete all tasks, however if there is a clash please try to ensure siblings attend at least one live lesson and complete all activities on seesaw.  We aim to deliver high quality education. The consequences of children missing learning opportunities are well known. We will follow up any non-attendance so if your child is ill please do let us know in the normal way.

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. If you have any problems, please get in touch -we are here to help.

Mr. Gaskill

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