Marus Bridge Governing Body Composition 2017-18


Chairman – Mr J. Taylor Vice Chair – Mr D. Stainton

Headteacher – Mr M. Gaskill

Trust Governors – Mrs S. Boardman, Mr A. Gerrard, Mrs V. Rigby

Staff Governors – Mr D. Hutton

Support Staff Governor – Mrs. K Bish

Parent Governors – Mrs K. Catterall, Mr S. Hanley

Clerk to the Governing Body – Mrs S. Woods


Mrs V Rigby  Trust
Mrs S Boardman 2nd Nov 2014 – 1st Nov 2018
Mr Michael Gaskill Head 1st Sep 2010 –  I have extensive experience of school leadership and governance. I have been a head teacher of three schools, all different and all great to work in, but Marus Bridge is the best. I enjoy all aspects of governance, from the curriculum development to finance but it is the challenging and robust discussions we have about our school that ensure children here get a great deal.  I am a father of three. I always try and bring that perspective to how I lead the school. Is everything as good as I would want for my own children? We are fortunate to have a great team of governors with a wide range of skills. Their role is crucial in setting the direction of the school and safeguarding the future of our children.
Mr Tony Gerrard Trust 1st Sep 2006 – 16th Jul 2019 I’ve been a governor at the school for over 20 years, initially as a Parent Governor, then LEA and currently Co-Opted. Over the years I’ve held the positions of Chair, Vice-Chair and Committee Chair. Now retired, I was previously Deputy CEO of a large housing management company and ran a housing management consultancy. I have a masters degree in business and try to use my experience and skills to support the work of other governors and staff to help children reach their full potential. My leisure interests include playing musical instruments (guitar, banjo and mandolin) and mountain biking.
Mr Danny Hutton Teacher 5th Oct 2015 – 4th Oct 2019 colleagues. The following year, I completedMy first experience working within Marus Bridge came as a volunteer when I undertook a placement whilst at University. Following graduation, I was employed as a Teaching Assistant working one-to-one with a pupil and supporting  the Kingsbridge GTP scheme at Marus Bridge and was subsequently employed as an NQT teaching in Y4. I am currently based in Y5/6 and lead PE. I believe the role of governor has further enhanced my understanding of the day to day running of school and I look forward to continued success with colleagues and children.  I my spare time I enjoy spending time friends and playing sport.
Mr David Stainton Community 23rd Mar 2005 – 27th Apr 2017 I am a retired IT Infrastructure Specialist and started as a Parent Governor but am now a Community Governor. In my spare time I enjoy theatre, cinema, walking, reading, cooking and eating out!!! I also volunteer with the Canal & River Trust as a member of the Wigan Towpath Taskforce and am a Trust Governor at a local High School.
Mr Jason Taylor Trust 22nd Nov 2010 – 16th Jul 2019 I run a Website Design and Development Company plus an Online Marketing Company. When relaxing I spend most of my spare time with my wife and two children, like watching Wigan Athletic (where I am the Supporters Liaison Officer and am on the Board of the Official Supporters Club) and playing golf.

Interests: Jason Taylor, JPSE Media Limited. Past Governors – Mr Michael Fletcher, (Staff, 2nd Nov 2014 – 31st May 2017), Mr Stewart Bonner (Parent, 29th Jun 2015 – 1st March 2017), Mrs Marina Winnard (Parent, 12th Nov 2012 – 1st March 2017), Mrs Alison Atkinson, (Teacher, 5th Oct 2011 – 4th Oct 2015), Mrs Donna Amedee, (Parent, 28th Jan 2010 – 1st Nov 2015), Mr Ian Raynor (Local Authority, 25th Sept 2006 – 1st Jan 2016), Mr Mark Roberts (Parent, 9th Dec 2011 – 8th Dec 2015), Mr Steve Brown (8th Jan 2009 – 16th Jul 2016)

Finance and Staffing Committee

Mr Jason Taylor (Chair)
Mr David Stainton (Vice Chair)
Mr Tony Gerrard

School Improvement Committee

Mrs V Rigby
Mrs S Boardman
Mr David Stainton
Mr Danny Hutton
Mr J Taylor

Pay Committee

Mr Jason Taylor (Chair)
Mr David Stainton (Vice Chair)
Mr Tony Gerrard

Pupil Discipline, General Complaints, Staff Dismissal/Grievance/Appeals Committee

3 Governors with no prior knowledge will be called alphabetically to form these committees